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Zul'Aman (2.4.3) Burning Crusade: set realmlist realm.wocserver.org - Download Realmlist

Archimonde (3.3.5a Wrath of the Lich King), Ragnaros (2.4.3 Burning Crusade), Sapphiron (3.3.5a Wrath of the Lich King):
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Planned Downtime/server Migration

Hi Guys,

The hosting company that hosts our servers is in the process of making some upgrades. As part of this, they are moving our servers into a new section of the data center with better access to the local routing exchange.

What this means is we should have a marginally better connection, but also we will be down for a couple of hours. This move is not optional but we have done everything we can to mitigate the downtime. Our hosts have done an amazing job of getting everything prepared and ready to go.

On that note, we will have planned downtime on the 12th of December for this migration.

We will provide more information on this move as we receive it.


Posted by Satan